Insuring The Future

About us

eavi stands for electric and autonomous vehicle insurance. We’re an insurance service provider that facilitates the introduction of innovative technology. We believe insurance should help the world, not block progress.

How we do things isn’t particularly different. We provide UK customers with a hassle-free, digital insurance purchase process. We then support them with high quality customer and claims services.

So what does differentiate us? Our product range. We want to contribute to the fight against climate change, help improve urban air quality and make transport more affordable.

We have launched the UK’s first policy for road legal, privately owned stand on e-mopeds (a.k.a. e-scooters). More pioneering products are in the pipeline.

Overcoming Obstacles

The insurance industry can be slow to embrace the modern world. However at eavi we realise electric isn’t the future, it’s the present!

It’s easy to bash insurance. But it’s not always the industry’s fault. Insurers are always concerned regarding the impact of new technology on claims frequency and average claims costs. Underwriters need to base premiums on historical evidence. Gathering data for potential claims from new vehicle types is a challenge. Without accurate information a leap of faith must be taken. Convincing the market to take the risk is our role.

eavi benefits from being part of The Plan Group. Their brands Yellow Jersey Insurance and Pedal Cover are at the forefront of cycle insurance markets. They have considerable experience of electric bike insurance. Additionally, its business division, Plan Insurance Brokers, is taking the lead in the switch to sustainable forms of commercial transport. It brokered insurance for the first vehicles to be used on UK roads for two different electric manufacturers.

The Plan Group’s collective knowledge regarding the nuances of electric vehicle insurance is a valuable resource. It helps allay insurer’s fears.



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